The Concept

LIVE Lottery Show Truck

LIVE Stream for TV+Web+SocialMedia+App

The lottery will be a part of the TV show which main aim will be creation of an entertainment segment on weekly basis. Selected guests will reveal the secrets – hidden colours drawn in the past week. At the end of the TV show new balls for the following week will be manually drawn. TV show will offer fun, humor and suspence.

  • It will have segments as a reality show.
  • The car with Happy Colours and the glass box will be displayed all week on a frequented public place 24/7.    
  • There will be a space for selection of common people do the show.
  • The fun format will have games for smaller prizes which can be won at the car, but the player will only receive the money if he comes to the live TV show.
  • Proposal for such interactive show is available.

Advantages of a TV show

  • The fun project will hinge on a human curiosity, playfulness and competition.
  • Interactivity and modern technologies will ensure a creation of social networks, which can play other games with Happy colours, join together and build communities (mobile application HCG).
  • The spectators which do not bet will receive a fun format which can draw their attention and offer a chance for them to win.

How does the Happy Colours Game™ work?

  • Based on specially designed and patented balls (30).
  • Under its opaque 3 mm thick plastic corpus (36) is a 2 cm thick rubber filling (38), which is non-scannable even by X-ray, and lastly hidden the actual colour ball (32), being one of 7 colours.
  • The outside ball is made out of 2 halves, which are joined by a thread (39) and protected by a safety tamper proof guard (37). They cannot be opened without breaking it.
  • and 2 cm rubber filling (38), which is non-scannable, even with X- ray, is hidden the ball with the colour (32) being one of the 7 colours.
  • The outside ball (36), which is made up of two halves (39) and protected by a safety tamper- proof seal (37). They cannot be opened without breaking the seal.

3 mm thick plastic corpus (36)  

Corporate colours

How do we draw?

  • There will be 70 identical balls in the lottery bin and each will have 7 different colours containing 10 balls of each colour
  • During the live TV show 7 balls will be manually drawn, and each ball will be manually selected and given order
  • The balls will be locked in a glass lottery bin, in a transparent safety box in a special car. Simultaneously the remaining 63 balls will be locked in a second see through box.
  • The car with the box will be displayed on a frequented place and it will be monitored 24/7 by a web cam and an on-line TV
  • People can now start betting on the colour and its specific order.
  • The drawn balls and their colour secret will be revealed next week on the next TV show

How does one bet?

  • The players will bet on the colour, which is hidden within the ball, 7 different or even 7 similar colours can be drawn.
  • Betting will happen via original mobile application ( Smartphone is the best communication medium today ).
  • Secondary medium being internet web pages or via classical lottery outlets.
  • Betting will start after the draw is closed.
  • Betting will occur during the time between the draw and revealing of colours.

Smartphone App + Web

What can the application do?
  1. betting on colours and the order of colours
  2. creation of a personal profile for the player
  3. 24/7 live stream as a back up for the safety box with the balls
  4. social network and the discussion about the game
  5. ability to trade with the Jolly joker
  6. immediate information about the news, events, shooting of TV shows
  7. perspective microgames = another way to increase the player base

How do we reveal the colours?

  1. The lottery will be a part of a live TV show.

  2. During the live TV show the outside ball will be opened and the colours revealed.

  3. To increase the trust in the system the remaining 63 balls will be revealed to make sure each of the 10 colours were used

  4. During this live show a manual selection of the balls for the next draw will occur.

How does one win?

  • The main prize will go to the person who gets all the 7 colours and the order right.
  • Secon prize will be 6 colours in the right order.
  • Third prize is 5 colours in the right order and so on...
  • The jacpots and prizes will be depending on the amout of players.

Extending the game – the Jolly joker

  • On top of the colour balls there will be a rainbow Jolly joker. One of them will be drawn as a Golden Joker ball and drawn on a unique ticket number in the application.
  • The ticket number with the Golden joker will be drawn mechanically and transparently during a live TV broadcast.
  • The Gold joker remains in the game even for the next round and will be identified with a unigue ticket number.
  • The owner of the Gold joker can at any point in the game exchange the ball for any colour in the order (if he got 4 colours and ads the joker, he will have 5 colours, and wins higher prize).
  • The joker can be traded, and his owner can sell them via the application or via live auction. .

„First we draw – then we bet“ is a psychologically new system of the game. The most trustworthy model: We can‘t change the past, manipulation is impossible! The result is already given at the time of betting, but is not known! Fun, interaction and dreams about winnings at one place!