Well, how about this...

Everybody will see it,
but nobody will know the result!

Just imagine a lottery, where You first draw the result and then You bet… Something is wrong? How can You bet on an already drawn result? And why would You do it? The biggest advantage of such a draw is in the fact that the result cannot change and it will be already given during the time of betting. 

How is it possible? Draw the lottery and not reveal it?!

The principal of Happy Colors Lottery is simple: balls, which will have all the same color on top will be drawn. However, they will contain colors which will be bet on on the inside! We all will see the balls of the same silver color. On top of it we will display the balls in a public space in a locked safety box. For example we can display it on a see through van. The absolute transparency of the game is guaranteed and will be supported by technology – the safety box with the balls will be monitored 24/7 by a webcam during the week and the camera will be visible as well. People betting will be betting on colors. After the betting is finished during a dynamic weekly live show the silver paint on the balls will be washed away and the result will be revealed! The betting will be only done between the draw and the revealing of the colors. Obviously the draw of the new colors will be done by people in a live TV show, no technology will be used during this process.


Modern, transparent and fun lottery. 

HAPPY COLORS Lottery - surprise, show and betting in one.

Lucky numbers?

Lottery, dice rolling, drawing of winners – we all find it in history, even in the Bible or during the building of a Chinese wall. Until recently: mechanical draw, the fate of the hand, visible and admitted chance, which is hard to doubt. Computers: digital era, statistics, computer driven units... where is the fate when the computer drives it? The trust in the draw declines! And tommorow: Back to the chance! The result is drawn before the betting starts! The fate is in the hands of the players.

What will this reality bring?

Psychological effect = no manipulation of the results

Increased trust = more players

More players = more money available

The past cannot be changed, what once happened cannot be changed.
Nobody can change what was drawn from the lottery bin.
But we can bet on what is hidden inside?
Happy colours brings suspence, secret, new level of open game, fun, interactivity of the 21. century and big winnings.

Happy colours game – the mania begins!