Do you love the Lottery like we do? Have you considered the fact, that in the old fashioned lottery, they know your "Lucky numbers"? Do you really trust that kind of system? Join the New Era of trustworthy, most transparent Lottery system!  Get the best out of the loterry games - with  LIVE  TV/FB show, with the patented catch – Drawing before betting.

18+ Only, Members can register and start playing immediatelly, we use the latest Lottery technology.


Try the demo and you never play old lottery games again.

Play the video and try to guess the colours of the balls inside.

18+ Only. Play time 3 minutes only.

New Lottery System


We draw the balls first, then you bet the colours inside them before opening.

Live Lottery Truck


LIVE TV Show from our OOH Show Truck ready to stream worldwide.

Bitcoin Security


Not just because of security, the Bitcoin is just perfect for our new lottery system.

Just imagine a lottery, where You first draw the result and then You bet… Something is wrong? How can you bet on an already drawn result? And why would You do it?

 # T R U E L O T T E R Y 

 NEW   Open for business communications. Contact our Sales Team.

0555912a-3635-4223-9c63-72098084a244png is fully supported and accepted here

In the new world, we don't need old currencies, we have one global currency – Bitcoin


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